Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Me & Cheese Cake

I'm just someone who love cheesecake. When I first heard the word 'cheesecake', I thought to myself cheese & cake? How could anyone combine them to make a dessert. Little did I know hoe great it would be. Ever since then, I'd been a big fan of cheesecake. Everywhere I go, I will find secret recipe outlet and buy a slice or two of cheesecake. But believe it or not, I can buy until 5 slice for a day, but of course with a different type of cheese cake. I really love cheesecake!!! They are just so rich and creamy with a unique sweet taste all their own. But you know how some people say it taste like CHICKEN??? hahahaaaaa....~~ Don't seem surprise, it's real! Anyway, I don't care what people say and I just love cheesecake because it truly have their own unique taste. 

At first I thought to it would be difficult to bake them, but it turned out that they are very easy and simple to make and ever since I made my first one, I've been baking them every chance that I got. When I first started baking them, I went with just a basic cheesecake recipe. And believe it or not, they always turned out sweet and creamy and tasted great even when I over baked them but they just cracked slightly. You've got to try really hard to make one that doesn't taste great. So far I haven't been really successful but it still look 'yummy' to everyone and I hope it stays that way.

When I decided to become more adventurous and try other recipes of cheesecake, I was amazed at the amount of recipes out there. It turned out that just everyone had their own recipes of cheesecake. However, I have yet make one that was not at least sweet and edible. Of course I have my favorites cheesecake like anyone else but I try to stay adventurous by trying out different recipes or by just experimenting on some of the ones that I really like. Most of time, I end up by adding different fruits or different flavoring. 

Regardless of your baking level, I strongly suggest you all try to make one for yourself. Just start with a simple basic ingredients of cheesecake. It's as simple as measuring, adding and mixing the ingredients. It'll be fun!!! TRY IT & ENJOY GUYS!!!