Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Love Is Important

The 3 magical words. Everyone wants to say them. Only a few people succeed in it. Others keep searching for a perfect to come. But still everybody like it to love someone. Everybody search for it in some form, may be girlfriends or boyfriends, a friends, a mother and a father or any relation available out there. But why it is important to find love in life??? The answer is very simple, we have 3 basic needs ; food, clothes and shelter. I would like to add it to my list.

See the lonely peoples around you, who have everything in life but do not have anyone to love or share. Because the 2 basic needs to live are love and food. Think about a small poor child, who does not have anything to wear but still he is happy and playing around. Why??? Because he have the 2 things that is 'love of mother' and 'food'. Now see how much important love in our life.

We do whatever we can to impress our partner. What is the basic intuition behind it??? Attention of her/him!!! It is a very simple equation love = life. I do require money, shelter, clothes and all the things available there to make me happy. But more than this I require LOVE to live, let it be in any form. There is nothing in life we can compare it. We need to feel it in our heart. It is the only way t know it. 
Love more Live more