Tuesday, 15 March 2011

10 Wrong Reason To Be in a Relationship

Loneliness and Desperation:
Majority of those who get into a relationship for the wrong reasons fall into this category. Many people tend to feel worthless or lacking something when they are single or lonely. This emptiness and desperation to be treated as special make them get into relationships fast only to regret later.

Many times guys and girls get into relationship because of friends. If some are been lured into relationship by friends so that they can do things together some get into it because they do not want to miss out on the game of love when their friends are enjoying it. Many people tend to think ‘Everyone else have someone, why not me?’ Such relationships where friends are the motivation are mostly short lived.

Distraction from Problems: 
It is a very common thing to get into relationships to avoid or forget problems. Victims of Bad Parentingare often seen getting into such relationships as a means of escape. Also many people are seen immediately jump into a new relationship after breakup from a long term Relationship on Rebound to forget the pain and loneliness caused by the breakup. Such Relationships may bring passion, purpose and excitement in the short term, but fail to survive as they are not based on love.

Pressure to settle down: 
Many times elders in the family exert pressure to settle down by getting married especially after a certain age. I have even seen mothers getting worried because their daughters could not attract any guys towards them. Relationships for the sake of society or because of desperation because everyone says you should often do not stand the test of time.

Need for/to Support: 
Many Guys and girls look for support by getting into relationship. Especially there are many girls even in this modern age that cannot stand on their own and look for support from father, brother or husband all the time. Many who get into relationships are on the lookout for someone who would take care of them. This can be the opposite too. A need for being a support or to have someone who would depend on can also prompt people to get into marriage or serious relationships.

Need of Physical Intimacy: 
For many people the motivation for relationship is Sex or Physical intimacy with the Partner. Desperation for Sex can many times result in jumping into the sack with the wrong people.

Getting into Relationships out of Sympathy/Guilt: 
Many people get trapped into relationships out of sympathy or guilt. I recently got a mail from a girl who got into a relationship because the guy tried to end his life when the girl rejected him. She is unhappy and depressed and wanted a way out without hurting the Guy. Such relationships can make one feel trapped and unhappy.

He /She is a Challenge: 
Many times people try to win over others because they are unavailable and presents a challenge. Winning over such a person is a triumph and such a person would be a prize Trophy to show off.

Caught Up In The Moment: 
Many times Guys and Girls get caught up in the moment. What they thought attractive a short while ago does not appeal to them anymore as they were impulsive at that point of time. That is why we see make breakups within days, weeks or months.

Many times people get into relationships just because they find it’s Convenient. While in college I had a friend who was in a relationship with a Restaurant and Coffee Shop owner and used to take friends there and we never had to pay a dime for all the fantastic dishes we ate there. Once the college was over the relationship broke up. Some other reasons can be that the person has a swimming pool, car etc which can be used or borrowed.