Sunday, 27 March 2011

Unhealthy Relationship - What sign should you look out for?

What are the signs that tell you you're in an unhealthy relationship and what can you do about them? This article will give you some examples of the kind of situations you need to be aware of and what action you need to take to resolve these issues.

Lack of communication
Warning sign: lack of communication really is the biggest issue of all in any relationship. If one or both you have stopped, or are having a problem in communicating with each other your relationship is in serious trouble. Communication is the number one, the most important element in any successful long-lasting relationship. without being able to discuss your feelings and problems with each other there is absolutely no way you are going to be able to resolve any of the issues either of you have with your relationship.
Fixing a breakdown in communication can be hard, especially if the other person is reluctant to talk about how they feel or just won't try. But one of you has just got to try to get the other to communicate. Because if you cannot solve a communication problem it would be better if you both just walked away and found some other partner that you can communicate with.

Feelings of being taken for granted
Warning sign: one, or both of you have the feeling being taken for granted. One of you is doing all the work to keep the relationship together and the other is doing nothing except taking advantage. Again this is a critical sign of an unhealthy relationship and you need to sit down together and discuss your feelings before it is too late.

Warning sign: intimate relations have ceased or become very infrequent. The cuddling and holding of each other has stopped. You are no longer making love, or if you are still making love one, or both of you are not enjoying it anymore. Now while it is still possible to have a good relationship without sex, if you are feeling stress in your relationship because of it, you both need to sit down and talk things over.

Fear of loss
Many people remain in an unhealthy relationship even though they know that they should get out. One of the reasons that stops them walking away, other than having children, is the fear of being on their own again. But what these people don't realize is that by staying in the relationship and living in an environment full of negative feelings, they are damaging themselves and the others around them. This damage can also spill over into their working environment and their relationship with their work colleagues and it can even hamper their career prospects.

So if the signs seem to indicate that you are headed for, or are already in an unhealthy relationship, you and your partner/spouse need to take steps to resolve the matter sooner rather than later and remember the key to a healthy relationship is COMMUNICATION.