Saturday, 19 March 2011

How To Express Your Love

Wish to make a declaration of love to your beloved? But do not know how to make it? There is a weight of ways: it is possible to tell just «I love you», or «I cannot live without you», or «You are everything for me!». And it is possible to keep silent … But allowing him hearing inexpressible, deeply experienced, sincere and coming from the bottom of your heart.

So, 15 ways of love declaration are offered to you. Alternative ways. They can be useful to you in the offered kind, and maybe they will tell you new ways of expression of feelings, and you will expand the list to 30, 40 or 50. Dare – and do not be afraid of your feelings!

  1. Suggest him to go riding on horses. Finish walk by a picnic on a wood glade. Bring a meal cooked in advance to have a snack.
  2. Smile to him more often and think about your feelings. He will definitely feel it. And for this purpose it is absolutely unessential to wait an occasion!
  3. Take in hire a video film which you once have looked together for the first time. If he chews chips, looking in the TV, try to make it synchronously with him. A meeting of your hands in a package with chips can become fatal for tonight.
  4. While he takes a shower, iron a towel and give it to him behind until it is still warm, when you hear water noise has stopped.
  5. Use fruits on a kitchen to compose three words “I love you” and wait silently, while he sees this work of art. If he does not love fruits or for any you have not them at the moment of your creative impulse, show ingenuity: in any house you can find a few macaroni (imagine a flowery style you can use with them?), a salt pack (of course, only not for superstitious) or sugar packing - that will be even more original!
  6. Look through his clothes and sew come off buttons on his jackets, shirts and trousers. Try to satisfy one condition: do not tell him about it!
  7. Put an ice, filled in the form of heart, in his glass and a candy in the form of heart  into a pocket of his jacket.
  8. Before work put a box with home meal imperceptibly into his portfolio. Just check up, that a box is densely closed, and food is not in liquid condition. Otherwise your small surprise can be misapprehended.
  9. Play with him his favourite game, even if it is called “Sea fight”, and you are guided in the Cartesian system of co-ordinates badly. (If you preferred a game which you understand better than him, do not forget allowing him to win too!)
  10. Turn on music with his favourite songs at home or in a car.
  11. Invite him meeting a dawn together.
  12. Let the freezer of your refrigerator be always hammered by his favourite ice-cream!
  13. Join his morning jog with a plausible smile.
  14. Cook him a dish he loves, but knows well that you hate it.
  15. As a sign of special love make a housework which he got tired to do from year to year: for example, cut a lawn, paste (beat) unstuck wall-paper, clean waste in a kitchen bowl, walk his favourite doggie …