Tuesday, 15 March 2011


   Simply 5 cream which available in 3 range : Simply Siti C Bright, Simply Siti New Age and Simply Acne Solution. Simply Sit C Bright for all ages women to brighten the skin and Simply Siti New Age are for mature skin ranging from 35 and above while Simply Acne Solution are for those who have acne problems.

C Bright Simply 5 Cream
   Rich in natural nutrients and a unique formulation with Opuntia Tuna Flower / Stem Extract (Nopal), Arbutin, and Korea Pine Tree Extract  helps to hydrate the skin and improve skin tone by inhibiting the production of melanin and breaking  up excess of melanin deposits to effectively lighten the skin. Skin will become more supple, smoother and more radiant. A dream product for every woman that provides an instant flawless complexion. It has been scientifically proven to brighten skin after regular applications. It provides five essential facial elements; moisturising, brightening, UV protection, makeup base and foundation in one step. Formulated with these five important elements it hides skin tone irregularities while protects the skin from UVrays. Nano Titanium Dioxide brightens up skin tone when use regularly.

New Age Simply 5 Cream
   Formulated with botanical extracts that targets ageing skin with no side effects because it’s all natural. It decreases visible signs of aging by restoring skin’s elasticity, reducing wrinkles and improving radiance. This skin care range is fast and effective because it reverses the ageing process. Your skin looks younger with less visible wrinkles, skin is firmer, more hydrated and radiant. This star product is formulated with precious ingredients of 99% pure Nano Gold and Caviar extract. It immediately fills up wrinkles and lines to make them look be seen less visible while repairing damaged collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles and lines. It also gives a natural coverage for of marks and blemish as it prepares the skin for make up.

Acne Solution Simply 5 Cream
   Introducing the latest in acne skin solutions specifically designed to treat any skin type with acne. Clinically formulated with the breakthrough of Nano Technology that combines powerful active ingredients which effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and clear acne. Enriched with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants to ease redness, destroy acne bacteria, and reduce oil production without drying or irritating. This oil-free UV protecting star product formulated with unique active ingredients and specifically designed for acne skin. It suppress acne bacteria while regulate sebum production. It also helps create a natural coverage on marks and blemish as it prepares the skin for make up without irritating the current acne problem skin.