Thursday, 17 March 2011

How To Lose Weight in a WEEK!!

Calorie shifting diet is a very popular diet plan that has caught the fancy of various people around the globe and is the current favorite of health conscious people and weight watchers who are always aiming at how to lose weight in a week. The calorie shifting diet is also known as a calorie shifting meal plan. As the name suggests, it is a sort of diet plan which aims at shifting of calories by trying out different diets. This is one of the best fat loss easy diets that work by increasing the metabolism of the body and a body with a high metabolic rate is more prone to burning calories and is the perfect answer for how to lose weight in a week. The major plus point of the calorie shifting diet is that you do not have to cut down on the quantity of food that you are consuming. You can eat as much as you want, but you have to eat in accordance to combining calories that are most conducive to helping you lose weight.
It implies that though you can eat from all the four food groups, you just have to gather the calories constructively for triggering weight loss in your body. These are not baseless claims, but it has been proved that every person of any body type can reduce about 6 pounds in a week by using the calorie shifting diet and it does not involve hours of staying hungry or eating tasteless boiled food or green veggies. At all times we are unknowingly following a calorie shifting diet, though it may not be the perfect calorie intake for the induction of weight loss.

How to Lose Weight in a Week With Fat Loss Easy Diets?

Following these steps will be highly beneficial for easy and well defined weight loss without compromising on food or health.
1.    Consume food until you are satisfied. Not until you are full or out of breath. The key for this is eating slowly, eating and chewing the food properly. It takes 20 minutes for the food to reach the 1st stage of digestion and hence the brain receives the signal also after 20 minutes. So, it is advised to take a break before taking a second helping, lest you feel stuffed later.
2.    Do some form of exercise daily. However cliched this may sound, exercise increases the metabolism of the body. You are not required to do strength exercises that build muscle, just brisk walking will do.
3.    Calorie shifting diet plans are drawn for each person individually based on their body mass index. So, there is a customized menu for individuals to help you lose all the fats without compromising quality of foods and health.
4.    The calorie shifting diet requires the consumption of four meals a day and this should neither go down or up. Follow this customized meal plan and you are ready to see the new figure in just weeks. The four meals can be eaten in any order depending on your work load and daily pattern. These things can come in to play when one talks about how to lose weight in a week. A sample of four meals can be chicken, a fish fillet, a banana milk shake and fruit salad. How to lose weight in a week is no longer a worry!

The pros far outweigh the cons in this program. You can really lose weight in a week and every week without fail if you follow the unique calorie shifting diet program. Let’s say you target to lose 3 to 5 pounds a week and repeat the 11 day cycle twice which is about 28 days including the 3 free days of “wild eating”. According to past experience and feedback, there is an average drop of 7 pounds each cycle from this program, so you will lose about 14 pounds in a month.